I am an interactive creative with 20+ years of designing high-quality digital experiences that help your business thrive.

I help companies

I am Mike Tapia, a Houston based digital developer and multidisciplinary artist empowering brands and companies to reach their full marketing potential.

For over a decade, I worked at an in-house team in an oil and gas company, creating award-winning work for a broad range of product lines across industries.

I have years of experience bringing imaginative concepts, strategies, and campaigns from the online/digital environment to the legal industry.

What I can do for you.

I help you identify customer problems, generate solutions, and validate ideas, leading to confident business decisions and successful campaign development.

As an experienced team lead, I provide guidance and direction to development teams to ensure they produce outstanding work. My objective is to strike a balance between maintaining websites, developing architectures, and front-end development. To stay focused, I rely on a product strategy that informs us of what to build and why we should build it.

I design branding assets that connect customer needs with business goals in a meaningful way. I create landing pages, emails, marketing collateral, and advertising using UX and UI design to make products and services come to life.

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A Design & Development subscription service to evolve your business.


I create for the digital and the tangible

During my free time, I enjoy spending it in my home studio where I like to sketch and contemplate whether or not it’s a good time to hop on my pottery wheel and create small batches of functional handmade ceramics.

My childhood passion for superheroes, sci-fi, and fantasy heavily influences my drawings and pottery.


I take a practical approach, combining your knowledge of your product, customer, and industry with my design expertise. I use quick check-ins, not big presentations.

Making things concrete quickly provides clarity and ignites discussion, helping to identify risks and reveal potential.

Where to start.

Let’s get started on working together and discovering the value that I can bring to your business. We can begin with a predefined design challenge or a collaborative deep dive to uncover opportunities. By the end of two weeks, you’ll have concrete design solutions to help your business grow.
Great for
  • Marketing Discovery work
  • Brands with a clear commitment to improve their online presence
The first step is to get a taste of my added value. I will suggest how to improve your online presence using my expertise and research best practices. You will receive a presentation and backlog with possible improvements and areas of opportunity.
Great for
  • Small companies with an existing website and limited budget
A monthly retainer may be the right fit for you if you need ongoing support. We can focus on design/development or manage your team.
To learn more about this service, visit OnceDivided Studios.
Great for
  • Brands and Startups with a clear roadmap
  • Companies with an existing design team


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Available for projects for June 2024 and beyond.
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